February Stats

March 4, 2007

Per Job Income: $ 1,328.75

Total Income: $3,786.25

Refunds: $0

Job Completed: 3

% of Jobs from online sites: 100%

February was a great month for big projects and progress. It was a horrible month for collecting money because of those big projects that are not yet done. I am expecting March to be significantly better than this because of the effort I made on projects I’m going to get paid for in March. I have ~$7,500 worth of projects that are incomplete, but that I will get paid on in March. This month is bittersweet; long hours and late nights characterize this month, but not a lot of money collected. It’s kind of depressing, so I am concentrating on how much I am going to make in March to cheer me up.


January Stats (belated)

March 4, 2007

Per Job Earnings: $1,935.60

Total Earnings: $11,313.59

Refunds: $300

Jobs: 6

% of Earnings found through online contracting sites: ~73%

All in all, I consider this to be a good month. It’s not my best ever, but it’s a really strong month to start the year and puts me in a good position from a cash flow perspective.