March Earnings

April 3, 2007

Net earnings:   $8,236.01

Net Earnings from    $ 2,360.00

Percentage thru   28.7%

Gross Earnings:    $ 9,782.80

YTD Gross:      $25,382.64

YTD Net:         $23,025.85



This is a decent earnings month.  I netted enough to pay the bills, and had a decent gross as well.  I am trying to setup some more relationships with external contractors so that I can get more of the work I have done faster, and also bid more work.  There are literally hundreds of jobs per week that I am letting slip through my grasp.

The percentage is artificially low because a lot of my revenue came from 3 clients that were each directed to me by people I know.   I would expect it to be closer to the 80% range most months.


Notes on previous months:

In February, the net was $3,786.25, but the gross was actually $200 higher.  Not a big correction, but the difference between gross and net is worth tracking.

In January, the new was $11,003.59, but the gross was$11,613.59.  Again, not a large correction, but worth noting.

With these things in mind, because I added a partner in March, it appears as though my gross is growing, but faster than my net, which is to be expected.  I am curious how much work I can do (gross) and how much of that money I can keep (net).


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