Just Do It

April 3, 2007

Nike has it right.  Just. Do. It.

I’m embarking on a new venture.  My first partner has worked out so well that I am going to seek out one partner per week, every week this quarter.  If I can get to 12 partners, with enough work to give each of them, then I’ll really be onto something.  I have proven that I can acquire more work than I can do myself, so now I am going to see if I can acquire more work than I can effectively communicate to 12 partners, and that they can complete.

Because building a business is about building a system, I am going to be implementing or finding a solution for all of the following:

  1. Centralized source code control
  2. Centralized project resources (all information about a project available in one web based repository)
  3. Automated notification emails for #2, 4
  4. Streamlined partner payment processing.
  5. Streamlined bidding (partner specific)
  6. Expanded bidding targets; diversification of project types
  7. Knowledge base, including an existing code base
  8. Collaborative assistance between the various partners

Last month, I had one partner working with me and he grossed $2,000, on which I made $563.21.  Assuming I can maintain a 25% margin on each partner, I would need to acquire about $30,000 in work per month.  I have $30,900 worth of work stacked up as of this moment, so I don’t anticipate that being a problem, particularly if the partners allow me to diversify the projects that I can bid.

Now. Just. Do. It.


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