Help Calms

March 7, 2007

Having help is an incredible thing.  If you know that you aren’t the only one who can do something, or that will do something for your business, it is an incredible relief.  It’s backup when you need it the most.  If you own your own business then you should look into getting some backup help as soon as possible.  You can get it in either your core competency, or in something you just hate doing.  Make sure you manage the people who are helping you, but try not to get in their way either.  I am finding subcontracting to others to be the best thing I have done for my business in the year that I have been working on my own.

If you want to be the CEO, then you have to have employees, or at least business relationships with other contractors and businesses to fulfill the needs of your customers.

Another thing I learned this week:  always do a follow up.  If you bid a job for somebody make sure you are doing some kind of follow up with them.  They may not pick you for this contract, but they are going to remember the level of service you deliver.  In my case, I locked in two contracts that were in question by making sure that I did adequate follow ups.


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