End of the Month

February 26, 2007

As a street walker contractor the end of the month is a very important and stressful time.  I spend much of it either trying to finish projects that are close to completion or following up on projects that are complete and need to be collected on.  Normally, I don’t have too much of a collection problem.  I either use an escrow account, or I get half up front which normally covers the cost of actually doing the project.  I find that the biggest factor in not having a collection problem is actually getting the customer something that solves their problem.  If their problem is getting solved, generally they are more than willing to pay you right then.  If you have solved their previous problem they now consider you a valuable “problem fixing” machine, and they want to make sure you are on board with them.  I’ve never had trouble with payment when I can demonstrate that I have solved their problem.

This month is completely off balance, because I have a very large project due on the 28th.  I’ve only collected ~$4,000 this month because I’ve been busy with this large project, which is worth ~$7,300.  I have another project that I want to finish in the next 48 hours as well that is worth $3,400.  Assuming I get these projects done and I get paid, February will obviously be a very good month.  If I don’t then February doesn’t look good at all, but I would expect March to look ridiculously good.  I would rather have two pretty good months than one bad one and one ridiculously good one.   So on this Monday I am up early after only sleeping about 3 hours so that I can grind away at my projects.  The mortgage is due; wish me luck.

P.S. Am I the only one having issues with Firefox today?  I got an update for it last night and now the damn thing is freezing on me and stalling on trying to load pages.  It’s very annoying when you need to get something done.  Normally, I have no trouble with their releases, so I am a bit surprised.  If they were dog-fooding their stuff they would find this problem in maybe 5 minutes, although determining the cause is likely much more difficult and time consuming.


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