I am tired of Windows Apps

February 24, 2007

Yes, I have a lot of experience doing them. Yes, I have an entire “Rails-like” framework internally developed for doing them. Yes, they are very responsive from a UI standpoint. Yes, I never liked web applications either. Then, I went to install a small program I wrote on the LAN of one of my customers. Everything works fine on the server, and everything works fine on my LAN, but everything did not work fine on theirs. It’s something to do with security. Fast forward 3 hours. I still haven’t gotten it to work on their LAN and my customer is standing around wondering why this is taking so long, and it’s time for them to close. Now I have to find out what sort of security issue is causing it (is it .NET, SQL Server, a firewall, antivirus software?).

This is holding up getting me paid. I don’t like to wait for my money. Yeah, in this case it is only $600 (total job was $1,500, got 50% up front, and then gave him a 20% discount on the 2nd payment because of all the issues and it taking longer than originally planned, and yeah it really didn’t help when the security got in my way).

So, officially, I am becoming a web programmer. Yes, I am still going to serve my existing customers with their Windows based apps, but I am moving away from it for new development. I am in the market for a new platform. I checked out Flex from Adobe, which looks pretty good. I am also looking into Rails, Django and TurboGears and myriad of AJAX frameworks. More and more, I am finding that if I let someone else do the programming, I make more money. Frameworks are good, because they are existing tested code. Open source frameworks are even better because you can fix bugs in their code should you need to. I am finally waking up to the internet revolution.

I’ll report back on my findings with these various frameworks and technologies. First up is Flex. Wish me luck.


One Response to “I am tired of Windows Apps”

  1. Ryan Stewart Says:

    Cool, looking forward to read what you find!

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